The heart of  Vintage Hearts is Eddy “Rockin’ Rattlesnake” & Renee Riddle.

   Raised in South America by missionary parents, Eddy began performing music with his family band in churches and for special events while very young. By the time he returned to the U.S.A., at age 17, he was performing with harmonica, mandolin, banjo, bass, accordion, and most of all guitar, in a  wide variety of styles and with a Latin flavor.  Eddy fell in love with the “Blues” in his early teens & later played “Soul”  &  “ Rock-n-Roll” music with various bands throughout the Mid-West, USA.  He studied music at the College of the Ozarks near Branson, Missouri, & later studied & taught classical guitar. He was performing in the Branson area until he moved to Florida.

   Renee started playing the fiddle at age nine with her family Bluegrass band, the Ramblin‘ Rose Band, that won 2nd place in Florida State Championship. She works as a freelance performer with other groups performing Cajun-Zydeco, Old-time Country, Blues/Rock-a-billy, Traditional Gospel, and Bluegrass music.  She can play mandolin, guitar, & bass, but is most at home ‘sawing’ on the fiddle. Renee is known for her distinct, charismatic, & energetic stage presence & ability to entertain an audience. She often gets standing ovations for her “fiddle” solos.

   The couple met in 1991 at a county fair where they were both performing. It was love at first sight! Renee soon joined Eddy Riddle & Kickin’ Country & acquired Eddy’s last name. (They got married in 1994).


   Old Country, Blues, Rock-A-Billy, Jazz, Bluegrass and Gospel music melted into a single performance with feeling is what Vintage Hearts is best known for.  This blend of American roots music is now classified as “Americana” & is used by the Entertainment Industry to track & chart radio airplay. It is American music enjoyed by all ages.