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Vintage Hearts Beat - CD

The first released album of Vintage Hearts by Riddle Recordings is a Blues based CD with bluesy Gospel songs, bluesy jazzy songs and bluesy Country songs. The 2 Gospel songs, Gospel Train and No Reason are originals.

This CD can be purchased by following the link below.

Buy this CD at CD Baby

Nature Recordings

Ozark Mountain Birds in Spring - CD

Every spring, Vintage Hearts makes a trip to the Ozark mountains. Before the break of day, Eddy Riddle will have his recorder set up and recording the sounds of nature. This is a beautiful, relaxing experience. We will soon have this CD available for purchase and will let you know haw to get it.

Florida West Coast Beach #1 - CD

Eddy Riddle has spent many days recording the sounds of the surf while the lovely Renee is enjoying the sun on the sand. We will soon have available the sounds of the surf and birds of the surf. We will let you know when these are available.